Tai Chi Essentials

Focused and Integrated movement based on the principles of Taijiquan


 The Tai Chi Essentials are a group of 5 exercises taken directly  from the Yang Style 36 posture form.  These 5 exercises  contain all of the health benefits of the standard Tai Chi form.  Many people find  108, 36 and even 24 postures too many to  remember and soon drop out of a  Tai Chi class they have just  started.  After all they were told Tai Chi is easy to learn.  

 Patterned after the program developed at the Harvard  Medical School, the Tai Chi Essentials make it easier than ever to increase your flexibility, improve your balance and  immune system, have a healthier heart and a better sense of  well-being.

 The 5 movements contained in this program can be learned in  one or two sessions.  The benefits they will give can last a  lifetime.  The movements are repeated several times each  which makes the moves easier to learn.  

 Call today to find a class near you.  We also offer seminars on  the Tai Chi Essentials as well as Teacher Certification.

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