Southwest Center for Taoist Studies

Charles Gill: Director/Senior Instructor

Charles began his oriental studies when he moved to Tucson, Arizona in 1971.  Mr. Gill studied at the Tucson Tai Chi Association under Mr. Michael Phillips, a student of Grand Master Chen Man-Ching.  While there Mr. Gill Studied Yang style Tai Chi Chuan, Chi Kung, Sensing Hands, Tai Chi Boxing and weapons.  During his time in Tucson Charles also began studing with Mr. Bill Helm of the Taoist Sanctuary of San Diego and Mr. Chis Luth a forms and push hands champion in Salano Beach California.  Mr. Gill moved to Phoenix Arizona in 1980 with permission of his teacher to instruct a goup of students who's teacher was moving out of state.  He opened Tai Chi Chuan, the Phoenix School and continued his studies with his California teachers.  Mr Gill has attended and hosted many seminars and workshops with both Bill Helm and Chris Luth.  While in Phoenix, Charles began his studies of Chen style Tai Chi with Li, Jin-Heng a former coach of the Bejing wu shu team.  He has attended workshops with Chen Master Ren Guang-Yi and Grand Master Chen Xiao-Wang.  Recently Mr. Gill began the study of Huang Sheng Shyan style of Yang Tai Chi with sifu Ben Sanchez of Los Angeles, Ca. and his instructor Adam Mizner.

The Southwest Center for Taoist Studies began as Tai Chi Chuan, The Phoenix School in 1980 when Charles Gill moved to the valley to teach a group of Tai Chi players who had lost their teacher.  As the school grew so did the number and type of classes offered when in 1990 the name was changed to Southwest Center for Taoist Studies to reflect the depth of the learning available.  In 20012 the school split into two separate entities; The Phoenix School and Integrated Chi Therapies.  The Phoenix School teaches Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan) both as a martial art and health exercise.  Yang and Chen styles of Tai Chi are taught as well as weapon forms from each dicipline.  Integrated Chi Therapies was developed to present the healing aspect of the Chinese arts.  Several medical qigong (Chi Kung) protocols have been developed and well as several more esoteric practices being revived.  The goal of Integrated Chi Therapies is to combine the best of the traditional Chinese Qigong with modern science and related therapies.